2016 December: “Life Happens”

This journal was supposed to be an aid for my practice. But I’ve become much distracted lately, and all my established methods of organising myself have gone with the wind. Life happens, and in this journal, I don’t want to omit that fact. But, I am writing now. And it is because I remember that … Continue reading 2016 December: “Life Happens”


2016 November: A Performance Lecture and a Comedy Short

This month was by all appearances successful, though somehow rather frustrating. My main project is a novel about a line, and other older projects run alongside it as tangents.   Rosa and Lawrence, Lecture Performance at Nottingham Contemporary Rosa and Lawrence, the play that scripts for artificial intelligence, is perhaps the work with which I … Continue reading 2016 November: A Performance Lecture and a Comedy Short

2016 October: What is Practice? Seminar

My first task on my MA is to prepare answers to a series of questions for an upcoming seminar. Here are my answers to questions about practice: A. What artworks have influenced you? Cinema, Pop & Theatre influences: Barbarella, Don Quixote, 3 Musketeers, Cyrano de Bergerac, Kubrick (2001), Pina Bausch, Hayao Miyazaki, Akira Kurosawa (Dreams), … Continue reading 2016 October: What is Practice? Seminar

2016 August: Clutter Mind

I don’t feel especially confident with my August update and am somewhat reluctant to write. I haven’t made much art. I’ve been miraculously pragmatic and clever with my finances and career planning. I’ve been going to interviews for positions that promise interesting and relevant teaching experience for the qualifications I have thus far acquired. I’ve … Continue reading 2016 August: Clutter Mind

2016 July: Research Matter(s) // Birmingham City University

It seemed appropriate, being thrown into a new season, a new employment status and a new home, to read Mason Currey’s book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. I have always been fascinated by regimens, and understanding my habits and working predilections seems to me to be my only lever in governing my artistic practice. Since … Continue reading 2016 July: Research Matter(s) // Birmingham City University

2016 June: Anticipating Disenchantment

Graduating felt relieving and deflating at the same time. There was no particular moment at which I ceased being a student, I was weaned off the identity I’d come to suppose for myself gradually over the last couple of months. And yet, I’d never been quite aware of my status as student, I’ve just been … Continue reading 2016 June: Anticipating Disenchantment