2018 October: A New State of Working

It’s already been about five months since I’ve graduated from my MA at Central Saint Martins, thrown into the life of a non-student for the first time since I was… five years old. Having gone straight from a BA to my MA in my arts education journey, this is the first time I’m really feeling … Continue reading 2018 October: A New State of Working


2018 July: A Letter to G

16 July 2018 - PhD ideas Hi G, Thank you for thinking of me, it is really valuable to me to have your support. And a lot of what you say about the world of maths academia in France certainly goes for the UK as well. In the past I didn't want to burden you … Continue reading 2018 July: A Letter to G

2018 June: Notes on Seven Clues to the Origin of Life

Notes on Seven Clues to the Origin of Life, by A.G. Cairns-Smith “What is needed for evolution is natural selection [...] There is nothing in the rules to say that such things [our most primitive biological ancestors] had to be ‘living’. We have an odd view now because all of those things that we are … Continue reading 2018 June: Notes on Seven Clues to the Origin of Life

2018 April: Venting at The Tramshed

A script for the promotion video for my upcoming Venting performance Of all my bureaucratic dreams// it is the keyboard, tapping like rain under my fingers, which affords me most promise. The keyboard can speak in borrowed tongues// And with it, I will play somebody’s mouth// like a pianist. See me do this at The … Continue reading 2018 April: Venting at The Tramshed

2018 March: Waiting and Working

Radclyffe Hall My latest read: The Well of Loneliness. 'Love is the sweetest monotony conceived by the Creator', thinks Stephen Gordon, the ‘invert’ lesbian writer who is this novel’s protagonist. For even with her queer identity, the woman finds herself going through the motions of every love that has ever existed, there’s a naturalness to … Continue reading 2018 March: Waiting and Working

2018 February: Subversive Submission

Woman Reads Important Books by Men This is an idea I had, perhaps for a YouTube Channel or SoundCloud podcast. It’s a bit of an investment, but would combine two things I enjoy: voice work and reading interesting texts. To limit the investment, maybe I could try reading aloud 3 works by famous men. The … Continue reading 2018 February: Subversive Submission